super skilled talent meets global tech opportunities.

Our Vision

Coffeee propels the humanity forward by creating a borderless world, making the global tech talent meet global companies for continuous innovation.

Our Mission

To become world’s largest community of pre-assessed and exceptionally talented developers who can be hired for global tech jobs in under 48 hours!

Our Story

Not too long back, we were a group of young techies just like you, with the goal to build an amazing career. While making our way through a competitive job market, we wished for a way to find all our answers in one place - where we could upskill, get hired, and connect with others going through the same journey.

We couldn’t find something like that when we needed it - so we created it for you!

Coffeee is not your typical job portal - it’s a community for you to grow, learn, collaborate, and get recruited by your dream company. Join in and unlock exciting opportunities - take assessment tests to get shortlisted, get advice from experts, or simply chill with fellow coders. It’s got everything you need to stay at the top of your game.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I increase my chances of getting shortlisted for jobs?


Does Coffeee also cater to people looking for part-time or freelance jobs?


How do I know that I have been shortlisted for a job?


What if I don’t score well on my assessments - can I retake them?


Can I hide my assessment scores from my profile?


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